How Acne Wipeout Helps You Fight Acne Like a Dermatologist

Start Fighting Acne Like a Dermatologist 

Navigating the Acne Treatment Product Landscape

Let’s face it, there are a ton of choices on the market these days when shopping for acne treatment products. There are over-the-counter products, online-only acne treatment solutions, and acne treatments that you can only get through a dermatologist. Whether looking for treatments for yourself, or as a parent shopping for acne treatment products for their child or teenager, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Some of the many factors that go into making treatment decisions include; severity of acne, skin type, and the age of the person being treated.


An Over-the-Counter Product to Help You Fight Acne Like a Dermatologist

Thankfully for consumers, University Medical has developed an acne treatment system that will work for all skin types, is available over the counter, and provides fast acne relief in only two simple steps every AM and PM: Acne Wipeout. This science-based treatment regimen is designed to help adults and teens effectively control acne easily at home and achieve clear, healthy looking skin that stays clear. Acne Wipeout is the only time-released combination therapy kit available over the counter. "Combination Therapy" is what the American Academy of Dermatology recommends as the first line of defense against acne; dermatologists agree that the combination of retinol with benzoyl peroxide will effectively clear and control the vast majority of acne breakouts. Acne Wipeout formulas are based on years of clinical research and include an exciting retinol innovation, Retinol PLUS; a natural alternative to adapalene in a time-released formula that's gentler on skin than a traditional retinol. Acne Wipeout fights acne like a dermatologist with time-released retinol by night, and time-released benzoyl peroxide by day.


What Products are in the Acne Wipeout Clinical Acne System?

The Acne Wipeout Clinical Acne System contains these three essential, core products, necessary for the best results against acne (each product can also be purchased separately);


  1. Clear Pore Oil Free Cleanser:  Created to be used both morning and night for acne-prone skin. This oil-free cleanser with jojoba also mildly exfoliates to unclog debris from pores and control shine.
  2. All Day Breakout Control:  Use after cleansing your face in the morning. This daytime treatment has time-released benzoyl peroxide that stays in pores continuously to keep killing the acne bacteria that cause breakouts.

  3. Time-Released Retinol PLUS:  Use after cleansing your face at night.  Retinol PLUS opens clogged pores, allowing oxygen in. Acne bacteria cannot live in pores that are open and “breathing”.


o   Clear Pore Oil-Free Cleanser:  gently exfoliates to deliver micronized medication while cleansing—which stays in pores to fight bacteria even after rinsing. Cleanses, controls shine, calms redness and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Non comedogenic, fragrance free, sulphate free and paraben free.

o   All Day Breakout Control:  delivers micronized, time-released benzoyl peroxide into pores to kill acne bacteria all day long—while minimizing irritation and dryness. Formulated to keep skin nice and comfortable as it shuts down the source of breakouts. Non-comedogenic, fragrance free, sulphate free and paraben free.

o   Time-Released Retinol PLUS:  night treatment to unclog pores and help smooth skin while sleeping. Retinol PLUS is a natural alternative to adapalene in a time-released formula to minimize dryness and irritation. Non-comedogenic, fragrance free, sulphate free and paraben free.



Acne Wipeout Products



How Acne Wipeout Works to Fight Acne

Acne Wipeout clears and controls acne in just two steps, twice a day. The day and night steps feature time-released formulas that are gentler on your skin while they fight breakouts all day, and clear pores all night. These two simple steps work together to effectively keep your face looking clear and healthy. The Acne Wipeout Clinical Acne System is a three piece kit that includes the steps above—a nighttime topical retinoid (retinol) treatment and a daytime benzoyl peroxide treatment—plus a gently exfoliating cleanser with shine control. Used together in a daily regimen, these three formulas quickly and super-effectively target both comedonal acne (blackheads and whiteheads) and inflammatory acne (red, swollen pimples). Acne Wipeout is inspired and informed by the American Academy of Dermatologists' recommendation of "Combination Therapy" (benzoyl peroxide combined with a retinoid) for its proven effectiveness against acne.

Acne Wipeout formulas feature advanced technology to deliver active ingredients, providing a controlled release over time to minimize irritation and to be more effective. The retinol contained in Acne Wipeout is naturally derived from Vitamin A and is not synthetic. While synthetics in general are designed to reduce irritation and be available to the skin right away, Acne Wipeout’s natural, time-released retinol also reduces irritation, and by combining with benzoyl peroxide, has an overall effect of speeding up skin clearing benefits. With Acne Wipeout, not only do you clear your acne, skin-smoothing retinol benefits are also built right in!


Where to Buy Acne Wipeout

You can start fighting acne like a dermatologist by shopping our site, visiting a local retailer or at Walmart or on Amazon.


More about University Medical - Creators of Acne Wipeout

Acne Wipeout is created by skincare and acne experts at University Medical, a company that brings together doctors and scientists to create life changing wellness products. University Medical has been formulating acne products since 2000, working with leading dermatologists and formulators from around the world. 

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