FAQ - Acne Wipeout


Early-onset pimples will start to hurt less and look less red in the first hour, with clearing results of mild acne visible in as fast as three days. Moderate acne clearing starts becoming noticeable within the first few weeks, depending on the degree of acne you have and how much oil your skin produces. Severe acne is the hardest to treat quickly and predict timing. Results vary depending upon each individual.

No. Acne Wipeout is non-comedogenic, which means it will not clog pores.

Yes. Acne Wipeout is appropriate for all skin types. If you have very sensitive skin, you may want to try a spot test first. If you experience excessive redness, itchiness, or irritation, discontinue use. If symptoms persist, consult your physician.

“Retinoids” are the category of products derived from Vitamin A. Retinol is one of several retinoids. Other retinoids include
Retinaldehyde, Retin-A (prescription) and Adapalene (synthetic).

AM Apply Cleanser to damp face and gently massage, avoiding the eye area. Rinse well. Follow with All Day Breakout Control. Apply to face, avoiding the eye area. Do not rinse.

PM Apply Cleanser (same as AM). Follow with Retinol PLUS, avoiding the eye area. Do not rinse. Limit sun exposure, and use sunscreen when going outdoors.

Acne Wipeout Time-Released Retinol Plus is a retinoid. Limit sun exposure and use a sunscreen when going outdoors (recommended minimum SPF 30). Avoid using a tanning bed while using Acne Wipeout.

Yes. It is recommended to use an oil-free SPF-30 moisturizer
and oil-free makeup. Apply after cleansing and treating.

Children and infants should not use this product unless under doctor's supervision. Acne Wipeout is recommended for teens and adults.

Because Acne Wipeout has not been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women, it is recommended you consult with your physician or pharmacist before using.

No. Acne Wipeout products are not tested on animals.

Acne Wipeout Oil Free Cleanser and All Day Breakout Control contain Benzoyl Peroxide, which is a known bleaching agent. Avoid product contact with hair and dyed fabrics, including towels and clothing.